Packed room for House hearing on opioid abuse

Packed room for House hearing on opioid abuse

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (WIS) - There was emotional testimony during a House panel in the Upstate Wednesday night on ways to battle a growing opioid addiction South Carolina.

Several people spoke before the House panel in Greenville, telling their personal stories of how opioid addictions forever changed their lives.

"If we keep working,  and if we educate and we talk about this instead of ignoring it, being embarrassed and letting it be a stigma in our community, if we just talk about it and put it on the table, things are going to change," one speaker said.

Some were mothers of sons killed by overdoses.

Others said they wanted state law changed to make it tantamount to murder to sell the lethal dose of drug.

"My community, the black community, has not lost a single individual. We've lost generations because of that addiction," said another speaker

There will be more meetings like this to come. Lawmakers are holding public input sessions across the state.

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