Recent chase reignites debate on purpose of 'Live PD'

Recent chase reignites debate on purpose of 'Live PD'

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Days after a high-speed chase unfolded on the streets of Columbia, mixed reactions continue to flow to the TV program that carried it all live.

The dramatic chase was captured by cameras on A&E's 'Live PD.'  The pursuit ended with Richland County sheriff's deputy Chris Mastrianni subduing 22-year-old Bryan Martin after he lost control of an SUV and flipped the vehicle over. Martin crawled out of the wreckage holding his 2-year-old daughter. She suffered a broken arm at some point during the incident. Martin, meanwhile, was taken into custody.

Since the event aired reaction has varied on whether a show like 'Live PD' is the best way to promote police and community relations.

"It's so good," Bruce Brutschy, who is a member of the West Columbia Police Officers Foundation and an avid viewer of the show said. "It's such a wonderful educational tool for the public to see what these guys deal with every night out there."

But while some feel the program creates better transparency with law enforcement, others feel it only sensationalizes a crucial public service for the sake of television.

"You know I just think that it's wrong. It's dehumanizing and its desensitizing,"  said Kevin Gray, who is an area civil rights leader. "You know when those cameras are running it does create a sense of drama."

Investigators announced on Wednesday that they had only recently found that Martin's daughter suffered a broken arm during Saturday's incident. It's not clear if that happened during the chase or in the struggle to subdue Martin afterward but authorities say he will now likely face additional charges.

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