City hires new manager to oversee water services department

City hires new manager to oversee water services department

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The City of Columbia is hoping new leadership will help them weather and ultimately fix long-term and ongoing complaints against the city's water service system.

We've been following problems with the city's water services in the past several months and what the city planned to do to address those issues. One of those fixes was to hire a new assistant city manager to oversee the city's water services.

City Manager Teresa Wilson announced Wednesday that position has finally been filled by an internal candidate, Clint Shealy, the city's director of utilities.

"After dealing with some recent challenges, it became evident to me that the leadership needed for a new assistant city manager was already on board," Wilson said in a statement.

Shealy will take over management of water services alongside three others announced as part of the new leadership team.

"We want to demonstrate that we are customer-friendly and that we are living up to our core values of transparency, accountability, and integrity," Shealy said in a statement. "It is also important for us to be efficient in our operations, using effective methods to meet our key performance indicator and responsive to all our customers."

City water leaders are also looking to fix customer service issues and improper meter reading that may have led to customers being charged thousands of dollars on water bills.

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