Columbia 11-year-old honored as top national volunteer

Columbia 11-year-old honored as top national volunteer

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - While some kids may require a lecture on why it's important to volunteer, one Midlands pre-teen is way ahead of the game.

Harmonie Frederick is about to enter 6th grade at E.L. Wright Middle School. She enters a new school with a new, prestigious accolade: one of the top ten youth volunteers in the country, honored by Prudential's Spirit of Community Service Awards this spring.

"It makes me feel satisfied and happy that I'm helping other people and they appreciate that," Frederick said.

At just 11 years old, Harmonie Frederick has experienced a lot.

"Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer," she said. "My mom had breast cancer and my Dad had leukemia."

Her Dad lost his battle with leukemia in December of 2016, a week after Harmonie's 11th birthday. He was a 30-year military veteran and an inspiration to Harmonie in her philanthropic work.

"He always told me to do things to help make a difference," Frederick said.

Right before he passed away, the Frederick family started "Pink-Ah-Licious." The charity sells lemonade to fund the fight against cancer, and also holds coat drives for people in need.

Harmonie said that winning the awards is not the goal. It's about paying it forward and making small differences every day.

"Getting awarded for it isn't the motivation. It's just the goal that you reach when you motivate someone, and when you do positive things to help other people and make your mark on the world."

If you'd like to keep up with Harmonie and her next coat drive or lemonade sale, you can visit her Facebook page by clicking here.

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