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Want to go for a dip? Columbia man upset about muddy water coming from city line

(Source: Ken Walters) (Source: Ken Walters)
(Source: Ken Walters) (Source: Ken Walters)

The City of Columbia is in the process of launching plans for a major upgrade of water infrastructure in aging neighborhoods. 

It will take two years to complete, but an another example of why that work is needed popped up over the weekend.

Started filling the pool up the other day and all of a sudden the chocolate water starts coming out of the hose pipe. If it really was chocolate, some in Columbia's Earlewood community might be less suspicious and unhappy about the stuff they get out of their faucets.

Instead what they've been getting for years is water that looks like this.

Water so full of sediment and possibly contamination you can't even see through it.

Ken Walters sent us these photos of his backyard pool after he filled it up on Sunday at his home on River Drive. For Walters, that translates to five years of water that can come out perfectly clear, as it was Monday around the noon hour.

But other times loaded with something brown.

The City of Columbia is rolling out a multi-million dollar pipe replacement plan.

The construction paid for with a nearly 5 percent rate hike, isn't scheduled to start until next Spring. 

Meantime, the city has been flushing the aging system, temporarily easing some of the anxiety and frustration in Earlewood and Booker Washington Heights. 

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