Midlands bridge closure for repairs could cause issues

Midlands bridge closure for repairs could cause issues

Crews will reach a milestone in the Farrow Road Bridge construction project this weekend, but that could also mean some headaches if you are traveling in the area.

Farrow Road Bridge at Interstate 77 is down to just one lane for northbound traffic.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says they do not anticipate any significant delays because of this construction and people in the area say they are just happy the bridge is being repaired.

Angela G. Johnson works near Farrow Road Bridge and she says her father lives nearby. "It needed fixing badly," she said.

Another local driver, Theresa Guyton, says she avoids Farrow Road Bridge altogether.

"The bridge is terrible," Guyton said. "It's wonderful that they're fixing it."

As of 6:00 p.m. Friday, Farrow Road Bridge will be down to one lane northbound through Monday.

Pavel, who declined to give his last name, also works near Farrow Road Bridge. "It should be repaired because it was in bad shape. During rush hour morning and afternoon, it's very busy."

"Later in the afternoon. I don't use this area around 5'o'clock and after," Guyton agreed.

Traffic is never fun but there seems to be a general consensus in the area when it comes to this construction project. This is one of the project's final phases, expected to be complete by midsummer.

DOT is not expecting any major delays with this construction. There are no official detours at this time.

Two lanes will reopen to traffic at 7:00 a.m. Monday.

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