Your personal voter data is about to be sold. What does that mean?

Your personal voter data is about to be sold. What does that mean?

The South Carolina Election Commission is preparing data that will be purchased by the state Republican Party chairman and sent off to the federal government as part of President Donald Trump's voter fraud commission.

For the cost of $2,500, the Election Commission will provide this data to Chairman Drew McKissick, who plans on handing it over to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity because he believes voting integrity is of utmost importance.

This data is regularly purchased by political campaigns.

President Donald Trump's group was created to look into whether or not voter fraud may have played a factor in the 2016 Presidential Race results. Trump won the electoral college with 306 electoral votes but lost the popular vote by over 2.9 million votes. The group has asked states to provide them with voter names, parts of Social Security numbers, party identifications if possible, and voting histories.

The state Election Commission was asked by the group to provide them with this data, but they discovered state law forbids them to give the federal government this data. However, any registered South Carolina voter can buy this data.

South Carolina's voter data does not include many of the items sought by the group, but here's what the state Election Commission will be handing off. Commission officials say this data will take a day or so to process.

  • County
  • Voter Registration number
  • First, middle, last name
  • Suffix
  • Residence address
  • Mailing address
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Registration date
  • Date of birth
  • Date last voted
  • Precinct code and name
  • Election districts (Congress, State Senate, State House, County Council, School, City, etc.)

Commission spokesman Chris Whitmire said that voters cannot opt out of this data because the Election Commission is required by law to provide the data to any voter who requests it and is authorized to charge a fee.

No word on when the data will be given to McKissick or if he's paid the $2,500 fee yet.

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