SC senator: Don't give much data to President Trump's 'nonsense' voter integrity unit

SC senator: Don't give much data to President Trump's 'nonsense' voter integrity unit

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - As the South Carolina Election Commission weighs whether or not to send sensitive voter data to a federal commission investigating alleged voter fraud, one state legislator is telling election officials to put their foot down.

Sen. Vincent Sheheen sent a leader to election commissioners Wednesday night blasting President Donald Trump's Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, calling it "nonsense" and a "partisan and political infringement on voting procedures."

"I regret that you have to waste your time dealing with it," Sheheen said. "More importantly, collecting and prying into personal voter information by the Federal Government is unacceptable."

The unit was established by the Trump Administration to look into whether or not voter fraud may have played any factor in the 2016 Presidential Race results. Trump won the electoral college but lost the popular vote by over 2.9 million votes. The group has asked states to provide them with voter names, parts of Social Security numbers, party identifications if possible, and voting histories.

The state Election Commission was forwarded a request from the group for this information. However, some of the items being sought in this request, like Social Security numbers, cannot be released because of state law.

Instead, the Commission is "considering" releasing some of that data before a July 14 deadline.

Sheheen is pressing the Commission to only release data that can be "generally available" to state residents and not full or partial Social Security numbers.

"Furthermore, please I hope you will inform the federal 'Commission' that voter fraud is not a problem in South Carolina as has been exhaustively documented over the years," Sheheen said.

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