Newberry relies on small town charm to keep visitors coming back

Newberry relies on small town charm to keep visitors coming back

NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC (WIS) - It's been 20 years since the Newberry Opera House reopened its doors to the community after a massive renovation.

It draws in tens of thousands of visitors each year and the town that surrounds it continues to grow and evolve to convince those visitors to make a repeat trip.

Situated between Greenville and Columbia, people living in Newberry will tell you they're the heart of South Carolina.

"Newberry's just your classic American small town in my opinion, and a lot of people are drawn to that," said Mayor Foster Senn.

On July 4th, the streets surrounding downtown resemble a slice of Americana as kids and adults pile into the streets in their red, white and blue for the annual Harper's Parade.

The tradition started back in 2006 with just 20 kids. Now, a crowd of 4,000 people celebrates with a parade of decorated bikes, trikes and golf carts. It could be described as a nod to the growth their town continues to see each year.

Just last week, Samsung announced it would build a plant in Newberry, creating more than 900 jobs.

But even without those jobs, growth can be seen as old buildings regularly become new again with the addition of new stores, restaurants, a bar and ice cream shop.

Corner Scoop is one of the several businesses to open in the last few months.

"The more we looked at it and the more we thought about the fun and the kids and the family and all that, we just decided that's what we wanted to do," said Corner Scoop owner Kevin Clamp.

Even in just his first three months, Clamp's grown the business from five days a week to seven and expanded his menu with encouragement from fellow business owners.

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