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Ex-MLB ballplayer's son injured in Midlands baseball tourney doing better

(Source: Sydney Lockhart/Facebook (Source: Sydney Lockhart/Facebook

The son of a former Atlanta Braves infielder injured when a speeding baseball struck him in his face at a Midlands high school appears to have turned a corner for the better, the teen's mother said.

Sydney Lockhart, the mother of Jason Lockhart, 15, says on her Facebook page that her son had another surgery Wednesday night and that doctors are confident that they resolved his bleeding problem.

"He is awake and still in recovery. We are bedside and helping keep him comfortable during the transition without his breathing tube," Sydney wrote.

Jason, the son of Keith Lockhart, was hit in the face with a baseball while at a tournament in Lexington on June 17, according to Lexington High School's baseball coach Brian Hucks. 

Jason was initially diagnosed with a broken nose, but further testing discovered a major fracture that needed surgery because of serious bleeding that would not stop. The fracture, doctors said, cut a major artery. Jason was placed on a ventilator in ICU to see if the bleeding could be stabilized.

So far, Jason has had over five surgeries to repair the damage to his skull.

Keith Lockhart played infield for the Braves from 1997 through 2002 during his 10 seasons in Major League Baseball. 

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