Former Braves infielder's son hits complications after baseball to face at Midlands school

Former Braves infielder's son hits complications after baseball to face at Midlands school

ATLANTA (WIS) - The son of a former Atlanta Braves infielder and current Chicago Cubs scout has hit a "massive ball of complications" before a scheduled Tuesday morning surgery.

Jason Lockhart, 15, the son of Keith Lockhart, was hit in the face with a baseball while at a tournament in Lexington, SC on June 17, according to Lexington High School's baseball coach Brian Hucks.

Jason's sister, Sydney Lockhart, says her brother now has blood in his lungs and a fever.

"What seems like a simple surgery today has become a massive ball of complications," Lockhart said.

Jason was running toward home plate as the catcher was throwing the ball back to the pitcher. The ball hit Jason in the face, breaking his nose, according to Atlanta news station WXIA.

Initially, Jason was diagnosed with a broken nose, but it was later shown as a major fracture that's required surgery and caused serious bleeding. After a few days of rest, Jason was taken to the doctor on June 19 where bleeding began and would not stop. It was discovered that the fracture cut an artery that required Jason be sedated for two days while it was repaired.

He was then put in the intensive care unit and on a ventilator until June 22, to see where the bleeding originated from and placed him on life support on June 23. He's currently being cared for at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta in a "paralytic state."

"This has helped stop any movement that could encourage or cause a bleed to begin," Jason's mother posted on Sydney's Facebook page. "Before this, a cough or a movement or trying to speak would all cause trauma and blood. The tough part of this choice is that he is still aware of his surroundings and can hear things/us all around him."

His fifth surgery in nine days was performed Tuesday. Jason's sister, Sydney, has been posting updates on her brother's condition since the accident on Facebook.

Others have come and sent prayers to Jason and the Lockhart family.

Keith Lockhart played infield for the Braves from 1997 through 2002 during his 10 seasons in Major League Baseball.

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