Another SC city might be a better viewing experience for the eclipse

Another SC city might be a better viewing experience for the eclipse

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - As South Carolina -- and the world, really -- prepares for the massive solar eclipse in August, a new report suggests that Columbia may actually not be one of the best places to see it unfold.

According to the Washington Post, clouds might be the thing that hinders viewing in the Capital City. In fact, the Post suggests Clemson or Charleston might be better bets for what's being called The Great American Eclipse.

The Post says Columbia has a 44 percent chance of being a "wild card" viewing experience for the eclipse, meaning cloud cover could ruin the experience for most headed to town.

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Clemson, the Post says, actually has a 75 percent chance of having a "viewable experience."

NASA, NOAA, several other astrological and atmospheric agencies, and standard space and science fans have been hyping the Aug. 21 event for almost a year now.

Event planners and hospitality experts are expecting several million residents to head to South Carolina for the eclipse, where experts say you'll find the best viewing experience of the moon completely blocking out the sun for two to three minutes.

Merritt McNeely, the South Carolina State Museum's Marketing Director, expects the eclipse's economic impact for the Midlands could be "bigger than football" and could create "the largest economic impact the city has ever seen."

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