Families gather at State House for children's health

Families gather at State House for children's health

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Families from around the Midlands came together at the State House on Saturday to take a stand for kids - saying it's time to figure out why childhood disease is becoming more and more common.

The Children March for Humanity event was just one of two dozen events held around the country. Its goal was to raise awareness for what organizers are calling a health crisis of youth in America.

They say conditions and disorders like eczema, ADHD, autism, cancer and more shouldn't be increasing at the rates they are.

"It should be something that definitely alarms people, gets them to ask questions, search for answers and really demand answers for the people who are responsible for this health crisis," Lauren Small, the event organizer said.

In addition to activities for kids, the event brought together several speakers and politicians who hope to continue the conversation about children's health.

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