Rising from the ashes: 105-year-old's Cayce home being rebuilt

Rising from the ashes: 105-year-old's Cayce home being rebuilt
(Source: Chipotle)
(Source: Chipotle)

CAYCE, SC (WIS) - At 105 years old, Mrs. Willie Dean Anderson needs no introduction.

"Little lady with a big heart," said Brittany Brannon. "She'll give you her last everything."

Brannon was one of Mrs. Anderson's, or "Mama Dean" as she prefers to be called, foster children. Mama Dean has fostered dozens of children, and four generations of her family have passed through her Cayce home.

"I remember Grandma waking up every morning, making us breakfast...she didn't care if it was 10 of us or two of us, she was gonna make us breakfast," said Brannon.

That kitchen that provided for so many breakfasts, lunches and dinners no longer exist. The tables and knick-knacks are reduced to rubble; the windows and walls turned to black dust and gaping holes to the outdoors.

A fire ripped through Mrs. Anderson's Lee Street home in early May. She was rescued from her home by family, who had to carry her outside. Thankfully, she's alive and well. She just celebrated her 105th birthday.

"I love her. She's grandma. Everybody loves her," Brannon said.

Out of love comes the recovery effort. Central Carolina Habitat for Humanity is taking on the task of rebuilding Mama Dean's home. Most of the volunteers are members of Mama Dean's continuously growing family.

"She wanted to help people," said Stephanie Kelly, Anderson's granddaughter. "So watching her help people made you want to do even more."

If you'd like to help the family and support the Central Carolina Habitat for Humanity, Columbia-area Chipotle locations are holding a percentage offer Thursday.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from any meal will go towards the rebuilding effort and Habitat - just show the flyer at the top of this story.

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