Remaking South Main may come with a big cost: less parking

Remaking South Main may come with a big cost: less parking

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After years of work to revitalize Columbia's Main Street on the north side of the South Carolina State House, city planners are now focusing on a long-standing effort to revamp a section of the street on the capital building's south side.

Earlier this month, the Columbia Planning Commission approved an extensive strategic proposal that would dramatically alter the look of South Main in a four-block stretch between the State House and Blossom Street.

Among elements included in the South Main Capital District Plan:

  • Reducing South Main Street to two lanes of vehicular traffic and creating wider sidewalks and protected bicycle lanes.
  • Creating new green spaces, adding shade trees and outdoor dining.
  • Eliminating extensive surface parking in the area and building public and private parking structures.
  • Developing a transit hub on College Street.
  • Creating parks and pedestrian promenades.

The plan is designed to help connect the University of South Carolina campus with the state government complex and buildings that are part of USC's Innovista campus.

A 69-page draft of the plan includes references to an architectural firm's proposal dating back to 1919.

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