Softball for State House members: SC lawmakers react to Alexandria shooting

Softball for State House members: SC lawmakers react to Alexandria shooting

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After the shooting that left multiple people injured, including a congressman, members of the South Carolina General Assembly reflect on safety.

The Wednesday morning shooting in Alexandria, VA, happened when a gunman ambushed the Republican congressional baseball team's practice; the team would compete against Democrats in a game for charity.

The South Carolina House and Senate compete against each other in a similar game; it's a tradition for them to play softball in a game hosted by Blue Cross Blue Shield each year.

The House team is the 'Amenders,' while the Senate team is named the 'Filibusters.'

"You never know what could possibly happen. You never can be too careful," House coach State Representative Chip Huggins (R- Lexington) said.

Huggins is aware that lawmakers can be targeted, but he says he'd first like to know more details of the investigation into the Arlington shooting before he assumes concerns for his safety in public.

"So a lot of those questions have still got to be answered to see why this one occurred," Huggins said. "You do have folks that try to figure out where they can make the most of an incident and that is something that we have to be aware of."

Huggins says State House security does attend the softball game they play, to guard surroundings.

"They certainly have a watchful eye and are there prepared for anything that could possibly happen," he says.

Senator Thomas McElveen (D- Sumter) finds the shooting concerning but says he refuses to live his life in fear.

"It's alarming. I mean, you hate to hear about these terrifying and senseless crazy things going on in the world. It seems like more and more of them are happening these days," McElveen says of the recent shooting.

"I think all of us, we know what we're getting into when we sign up for, that we're going to step out and try to serve," he says.

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