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SC deputy saves wedding day, gets bride to altar

(Source: I'm Photo Studio/Kelly Bushey Walker) (Source: I'm Photo Studio/Kelly Bushey Walker)
(Source: I'm Photo Studio/Kelly Bushey Walker) (Source: I'm Photo Studio/Kelly Bushey Walker)
(Source: I'm Photo Studio/Kelly Bushey Walker) (Source: I'm Photo Studio/Kelly Bushey Walker)

One Greenville County, SC deputy saved the day and helped one bride remain flawless on her wedding day. 

In a post on the sheriff's office Facebook page, a thankful Kelly Bushey Walker said her and her bridal party were panicked after their limousine broke down 30 minutes away from her big day. 

That's when Deputy Taylor East arrived at the scene, Walker says. 

Check out a slideshow of photos from Kelly's special day here! 

The entire post reads: 

He got her to the church on time :)...

"It is hard to put into words the feelings you have on your wedding day. You feel joy, appreciation, nervousness and unconditional love for everyone around you. The one feeling I never thought I would experience on my wedding day was a worry.

But after 10 minutes of my bridal party being in a hot and steamy limo with sweat beading down our faces, I began to worry. My worry then turned into fear when our limo broke down on the side of the road 30 minutes away from the chapel.

Luckily, my bridal party took action and flagged down one of our guest buses and a local Greenville Sheriff. Fearing that I would have to get on the bus with several of our wedding guests and possibly be late to the ceremony, Deputy East came to my rescue. His service to me, my new husband, and my family that day will always be something that I will hold dear in my heart.

Not only did he get me to the church on time, but he made my first ride in a sheriff's car very enjoyable! He put my wedding jitters at ease and made my sister and I laugh on several occasions. By the time we arrived at the chapel I had to giggle at the thought of how my escort may look to my guests.

Not many brides can say they arrived at their wedding in a sheriff's car, but I feel honored that the Greenville Sheriff's Department took time out of their day to make sure my wedding could go on as planned and on time. I will forever be thankful for your service!" - Kelly Bushey

The wedding photographer, Ina McConnell, said the deputy got there just in time. 

"The Greenville deputy came to the rescue and brought her up ready to go down the isle, and unexpectedly began raining, pouring buckets," McConnell said. "While this gorgeous couple cited their vows to one another, the sun came out and we managed to capture some beautiful photos on top of this majestic mountain at the Glassy Chapel."

McConnell says the limo breakdown wasn't the only mishap, either. 

"To add to this crazy beautiful day, right before their 'I do's' the groom's ring got lost and right about as they were saying their vows Alexandra Barham of thought quickly and borrowed the bride's grandfather's ring and the bride placed it on her groom's hand," McConnell recalls. "Once the ceremony was done the ring was found right while I was snapping a few photos of this stunning couple. Later on, Kelly and Fuller said their grandfather's ring had been down three generations of weddings in their family and it was quite sentimental to them that it worked out that way." 

McConnell said the entire wedding was "such a beautiful story." 

Congrats to the happy couple! 

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