This 'Hairy Chest' bathing suit is the thing of nightmares

This 'Hairy Chest' bathing suit is the thing of nightmares

(WIS) - OK, this is officially the most frightening piece of clothing this summer - and it hasn't even officially started yet.

The online clothing store Beloved Shirts is selling a hairy chest one-piece bathing suit for ladies who want to be bold and daring at their nearby pool, lake, beach or wherever you're comfortable wearing a bathing suit.

The swimwear - which comes in three different skin tones - is priced at $44.95 and ranges in sizes XS to XXL. You can purchase it here.

The bathing suit is shown as advertised - a male's upper body shown to the waist.

Beloved Shirts posted a video on Instagram of a mother surprising her children with a pink version of the bathing suit.

The kids were not pleased.

Not sold? There is also a sexy chest track suit.

Beloved Shirts said their American-made bathing suit was the idea of an in-house designer and launched in late May as a conversation starter.

"The Sexy Chest Swimsuit was cooked up by our in-house designer and launched in late May. Like all of our designs, we wanted this suit to be an instant conversation starter - a wearable ice-breaker! Whether our customers rock it as a joke, or to challenge the idea of the perfect summer body," it's sure to get people talking. And fun fact: these suits are made entirely in California," Beloved Shirts said via email. "So far the response has been super positive and we'll continue to release more shocking swimwear. We thrive on this kind of thing... tapping into our #BelovedStateOfMind is seriously so much fun!"

The bathing suit is another outrageous addition to a season of interesting and new fashions. Earlier this month, lace shorts for me was speculated to become a new trend.

Prior to the lacy shorts for men, RompHims broke the internet thanks to their crowdfunding page going viral. These stylings were just the tip of the iceberg - remember those jeans covered in mud for $425? Yeah, we're trying to forget those, too.

But NEVER forget the $95 "mom jeans" equipped with clear plastic panels on the legs.

But if THIS bathing suit isn't your thing, there is a human anatomy bathing suit available.

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