Lexington Co. continues to assess zoning changes for Amicks Ferry corridor

Lexington Co. continues to assess zoning changes for Amicks Ferry corridor
(Source: Mike DeSumma/WIS)
(Source: Mike DeSumma/WIS)

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - People who live in one part of Lexington County are keeping up their case to have tougher standards on development.

The county council is still considering several zoning changes for areas around Amicks Ferry Road south of Chapin. Over the years homeowners there say the area has taken on added traffic and congestion as more new housing developments pop up.

The area is also now being considered by Lexington-Richland School District Five as the potential site for a new elementary school.

"It needs to be controlled out here because we don't want to be flooded. It's gonna be a mess," said longtime resident Jim Johnston.

The proposed zoning changes call for creating more standards for new development along parts of the Amicks Ferry corridor. Right now on the entire peninsula, up to 12 homes can be built on each acre of land.

The revisions call for only allowing eight homes to be built on each acre for most of Amicks Ferry Road north of Old Ferry Road. South of Old Ferry Road only four new home would be allowed per land acre and all future commercial development there would be banned.

"I mean there are 34 roads that are gonna be changed, it's a lot of roads that are gonna be changed and a lot of miles," County Councilwoman Erin Long Bergeson said.

"At Old Ferry [Road] back there's nothing else that's it, that's the only way you can get in or out so that's really critical for safety purposes,"
Long Bergeson continued.

The Lexington County Council is slated to take up the proposed zoning changes for a second reading on June 27, 2017.

Meanwhile, if you would like to submit comments on the changes for consideration, simply contact the county's community planning department.

Details can be found by following this link: http://www.lex-co.sc.gov/departments/DeptAH/PGIS/Pages/default.aspx

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