Are #LaceyShorts the new fashion trend for men?

Are #LaceyShorts the new fashion trend for men?

(WIS) - Move over, RompHim - the latest fashion trend for men this summer is apparently short and lacy.

Sparkie Baby Official posted on Instagram May 29 that the major look for men is Lacey Shorts.

That's right - lacey shorts. Shorts that look like doilies you put under tea cups at a tea party.

The new look is written with the post, "#LaceyShorts for men are here. Would you wear these gentlemen? Ladies, would you like to see your boyfriend or husband rock one of these? #malefashion."

Commenters on the Instagram post, which features three men in pastel-colored shorts, white socks, and white shoes, are not impressed.

"Please tell me this isn't real. I just watched my man of a husband get dirtied up, working on my car," one woman wrote. "That...that was hot. I would have him admitted if he wore some pair of frilly shorts."

Of course, not everyone is feeling the idea.

While there is a place to purchase a RompHim for the summer, it isn't clear where the #LaceyShorts are available to be purchased - yet.

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