Final resting place: A dying man's wish to return home prompts cross-country road trip

Final resting place: A dying man's wish to return home prompts cross-country road trip
(Source: Angel Sharpe)
(Source: Angel Sharpe)
(Source: Steve Price)
(Source: Steve Price)

CHESTER, SC (WIS) - A cross-country road trip over Memorial Day weekend, stopping only for gas and a driver swap, to grant a dying wish. All the way from San Diego, CA, to Santee, SC.

The "circle of four" as they call themselves; Craig Sharpe, Craig's wife, Pamela, his sister, Angel, and Angel's husband, Steve Price, made the trek to get Craig back home.

Craig Sharpe was diagnosed with lung cancer in January. Last week it became apparent he didn't have much time left.

When he got that news he was at a hospital in California, 2,400 miles away from home in South Carolina.

Getting Craig home was important. Santee was where he and Pamela had raised their children over the last thirty years, and where they built their dream home.

"Craig was adamant that he wanted to go home," Steve Price said. "So we said "we'll get you home. That's what we were done."

The group, along with Craig's son Zachary, rented a van, made a make shift bed out of a pool float, blankets, and pillows, and embarked on the journey across eight states.

Along the way, Craig was able to spend his last days with his best friends.

"We'd lay back there and say "you see the mountains" and he'd look up and smile, and we'd put on the 70's and we sang,"
said Angel Price.
After a 39-hour journey, the group arrived in Santee. And once they got him home, he was gone within 12 hours.

"I'm gonna miss him with everything that I have,"  Pamela Sharpe said. "Every day. Because that's who I knew every day, he
was my rock. But I know that he will not suffer, he did not wanna suffer."

In his last moments, Craig Sharpe was surrounded by the people he loved most, in the place he called home.

Craig's memorial service will be held on Friday, June 2 at First Church of the Nazarene in Chester, SC.

The family has established a memorial fund in Craig's memory. To donate, click here.

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