Despite 'ghost town' feel at night, Newberry residents remain cautious after shooting

Despite 'ghost town' feel at night, Newberry residents remain cautious after shooting

NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - An investigation into a shooting between Newberry Police Department officers and a suspect in a small neighborhood in Newberry continues, but police now say they've been called to that area several times in the past several weeks.

In fact, police have had to ramp up patrols there during the overnight hours.

In just the past three days, Newberry Police have logged four incident reports relating to gunfire, ranging from shots fired to five counts of attempted murder.

"It's very concerning about what's going on because there's no one on the street," resident Michelle McKnight said. "Then all of a sudden you're in the bedroom and you hear gunshots."

McKnight has called her neighborhood home for more than 20 years. She's watched crime creep up, but she said near nightly gunfire is new and unwelcome.

"We have little kids in this neighborhood, our grandkids, you know I'm a grandmother now," McKnight said. "And I'm very concerned about these bullets just flying because they have no name on them."

But Tuesday night's shooting was a different story.

Police say they don't believe it was connected to any of the other recent incidents, mainly carried out by kids or young adults. Instead, police say they found a suspect's gun pointed straight at them. When he fired, they shot back.

Now those officers are on administrative leave while the suspect, 41-year-old Glenn Boris, continues to recover in the hospital. SLED says his injuries are not life threatening.

Meanwhile, back on the streets, neighbors remain cautious.

"You don't see anyone out here. It's like a ghost town," McKnight said. "That's why I don't understand why all the shootings are going on."

And police say they'll continue extra patrols in hopes of ending the violence.

SLED says video from the incident exists and agents continue to gather evidence and interviews in the case. Once all the information is gathered, SLED says it will submit a report to the Eighth Circuit Solicitor's Office.

According to SLED, this is the 23rd officer involved shooting in South Carolina in 2017 and the first of the year involving officers from the Newberry Police Department.

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