Can you spell it? Google says this is SC's most misspelled word  - - Columbia, South Carolina

Can you spell it? Google says this is SC's most misspelled word

(Source: Google Trends/Twitter) (Source: Google Trends/Twitter)
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If you've Googled words just to make sure you're spelling it correctly, you're not alone. 

Google Trends released a list of America's Most Misspelled Words based on the top search "how to spell" by state in 2017. 

In South Carolina, the most misspelled word is "Chihuahua." 

The dog whose origins hail from the Mexican town of the same name may be petite but gives South Carolinians the fits when they attempt to spell it. But we aren't the only ones - our friends in Arkansas have the same trouble. 

Our neighboring states, however, are not the best spellers. Google users in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia all have trouble spelling words with five letters or less. 

That is n-o g-o-o-d. 

The list was released in honor of spelling bee week. 

The words that are seen most on the list?

The list shows that seven states and their problem words are between one to seven letters. Most of the states have trouble spelling words that have six to 10 letters. 

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