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Woman blames city water department after tree damages two homes


A quick evening thunderstorm Sunday night left an overwhelming amount of wreckage for two Columbia homes.

A tree from Patty Humble’s yard on Wallace Street is now in pieces in her front yard. Her next door neighbor’s porch is demolished and Humble’s bedroom wall has a new gaping hole.
"We heard this extremely loud boom and the house shook. We ran out to the front and saw the tree and looked to the left and saw our neighbor's entire front porch was gone."
A storm Sunday night blew the tree down, but Humble believes the damage was done months before the tree fell.
"It should’ve never happened. That tree should've never fallen," Humble said. "If that tree that age fell during a storm, then other trees would be falling. It's simply because of the work that's been done in front of this house by the city to move a water meter, and then the water meter leaked for over a week, and the abundance of water damage that was done to the street and to the tree and to the sidewalk and to the driveway. They've been chipping away at it for months now to fix it.”
Last Friday, Humble said the city’s water department clipped some of the roots of the tree to access the damage underneath, rendering it helpless to the wind during Sunday night’s storm.
"It had nowhere else to go," said Humble. "It couldn't stand up on its own."
Humble said she has been dealing with the issue for months and has called the water department many times.

"I've called them many times about the water leaking into the street and they told me it was on their side and I wouldn't be affected financially. However, that was not true. My water bill doubled."
WIS has reached out to the city’s water department for comment but has yet to hear back. City offices were closed on Memorial Day.

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