Veterinarian offers advice as search continues for stray dog stuck in coyote trap

Veterinarian offers advice as search continues for stray dog stuck in coyote trap

GASTON, SC (WIS) - A missing Gaston dog is drawing the attention of people all over the country.

It started after a social media post that shows this missing dog with its paw stuck in a coyote trap. Now several people have come forward to offer their help, but a local veterinarian who says helping could do more harm than good.

"Leave it to the professionals pretty much," says Dr. Patrick Brown, a veterinarian at Sunset Animal Clinic in West Columbia.

He says this dog is not in a good situation.

"It's literally two jaws that trap them, and usually they clamp together with teeth. So, it's really going to hold that leg in there," Brown said.

But the vet tells us the trap is the least of his concerns.

"I'm worried about hydration than I am about food," Brown said. "So, if you get stuck out there, depending on the temperature and stuff, you can get dehydrated on a hot day in a very short time."

Depending on the dog's age, it could be two or three days - or even sooner. Still, Dr. Brown says rescuing the dog isn't a job for just anyone.

"That dog [is] probably a nice dog, but [if] that dog is hurt and scared, it's going to hurt you if you get near it," Brown said. "So, you don't want to trap it and you don't want to corner it, make it feel cornered. You can't even get near a stray dog. My golly, soon as they see you they're running. So, it's really hard to catch these guys."

There has been a lot of confusion over this because the original social media post says that you will be arrested for rescuing the dog, but Lexington County has since cleared that up.

They tell us no one will be arrested; however, interfering with the county's trap will result in a citation and court hearing.

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