After the storm: Neighbors recount the night weather alerts likely saved their lives

After the storm: Neighbors recount the night weather alerts likely saved their lives

NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The tornado that ripped through Newberry County had wind speeds of at least 110 miles per hour, the National Weather Service reports.

In the aftermath of that tornado, many residents are working hard to repair damage to their homes and thankful for their lives. There's no shortage of scenes of downed trees and clusters of limbs there. It's fortunate there were no injuries.

The buzzing of chainsaws was a sign that neighbors are starting to move on and recover.

"I was shocked," neighbor Richard Hare said.

Hare heard the tornado sounds before his family's property experienced Mother Nature's fury.

"Maybe four minutes. Popped that big tree up there," he recalls, peering out his window.

A large pine tree split in two and came down nearly over his head, crashing into his brother's house next door.

Another neighbor is dealing with damage to his sunroom from a tree smashing through the window.

"I said, 'Lord be with us' and that's really all you can do in a time like that," Randy Subrer said.

Several said prayers as they realized the storm, a confirmed EF-2 tornado with winds of at least 110 miles per hour, traveled about 10 miles in Prosperity.

"With EF-2, I've seen injuries and unfortunately fatalities in past surveys in my career, so we're very fortunate with this event," National Weather Service Meteorologist Richard Okulski said.

Hare will never be able to understand natural disasters, calling this one perhaps a sign from God of something.

"Things happen. You don't understand what happened. But you don't know what's trying to get your attention or what," he said.

Others, just stress to all to take shelter in situations like this, saying weather alerts to cell phones sent them to take cover.

"This is not the first time a tornado has been through this area," Suber said.

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