Saluda County couple thanks God for another day in aftermath of - - Columbia, South Carolina

Saluda County couple thanks God for another day in aftermath of EF1 tornado

(Source: WISTV) (Source: WISTV)

No electricity and downed power lines. That is the reality for several families in Saluda County in the aftermath of Wednesday’s storms.

On Thursday, the National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-1 tornado did touch down on Wednesday in the county. 

On one stretch of Old Charleston Road, you can almost see the path of the storm. It left several downed trees and for one couple, the storm posed an even bigger risk. 

Reo and Annie Pettus who live on Old Charleston Road own two rescue dogs. Normally, the dogs stay outside without a problem, but after Wednesday night’s storms, they are lucky to be alive. The couple was away from home when the storms hit, and as they returned Annie said she was asking, “What happened?”

“We missed the excitement of it happening, but the results of what happened – well that was not funny. We had no lights. We had no TV, and we almost had no food because when your electricity goes, everything goes," Annie explained.  

Still, the couple says they know things could have been a lot worse.
“This here is an act of nature. We’re just going to thank God for another day,” says Reo.

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