Despite lack of national support, SC Dems still aiming to 'flip the Fifth'

Despite lack of national support, SC Dems still aiming to 'flip the Fifth'

NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Victor Terrana will soon be heading back to the polls one more time to pick his favorite between Democrat Archie Parnell and Republican Ralph Norman -- two candidates hoping to be Terrana's next congressman.

"It's always important to vote, especially if you have some idea of the difference between the candidates that you're voting on," the Newberry man said.

The retired Newberry College math professor would likely say he doesn't need calculus to make a prediction about who has the better chance of winning.

"It's unlikely that a Democrat's going to win in this area at this time. Trump had won by a substantial margin," he said.

But, Terrana believes the Dems will try hard. As big national groups like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee help push Democrats in other races across the country, the Fifth District hasn't felt the same love.

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's not been involved, and we don't necessarily think that's a bad thing," said Trav Robertson, the new chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

Robertson said Parnell would love the extra funds and resources, but he said Parnell wants to keep his race local and out of the influence of Washington Democrats.

"Those in Democratic circles in South Carolina are used to doing more with less, and that's what we're going to do in this particular situation as well," Robertson said.

Meanwhile, political analyst Scott Malyerck, who lives in the district, says the race isn't necessarily a cakewalk for Norman.

"If I'm a Democrat, I'm going to play this up big time and say, 'We can win. We can win, but it's an uphill battle for us," said Malyerck.

Turnout will probably be low, and that's the reason Terrana won't miss his chance to vote for his candidate, Norman.

"You never take anything for gr anted," he said.

WIS asked Norman's campaign about how seriously it's taking the race.

"We are taking nothing for gr anted and will be running this race aggressively through the finish line," spokesman R.J. May III said. "We fully expect national liberals like Nancy Pelosi and the entire Obama-machine to invade the 5th Congressional District."

A spokesman for Parnell, Michael Wukela, also sent WIS a statement.

"This campaign's focus is on the voters. Archie's talking to voters every day, and he'll be talking to them at a town hall in Sumter on Monday," Wukela said.

Norman will face Sumter's Parnell and several third-party candidates in the final vote on June 20 to fill the empty congressional seat.

The congressional district includes areas like Newberry County, Kershaw County, York County, some of Sumter County, and beyond.

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