Retired artist at the center of viral Zillow listing now uncertain about his future

Retired artist at the center of viral Zillow listing now uncertain about his future

CAYCE, SC (WIS) - The mysterious tenant that was featured in a Zillow listing was revealed as a retired artist that fell on hard times and got help from a friend.

But now there is a growing effort to help 70-year-old Randall McKissick, including the woman who started the viral post.

Bekka Supp, a blogger from across the country, says she is the one who first tweeted the ad showing the home that came with the current upstairs tenant.

She traveled here all the way from northern Idaho to see the house she brought to fame. Now, she wants to help. Two strangers who live states apart met today with an instant connection.

Retired artist Randall McKissick gained a lot of notoriety seemingly overnight after Supp tweeted out the Zillow ad.

McKissick says there is now uncertainty surrounding his living situation is affecting his work.

"With everything that's going on, it's hard for me to paint," McKissick said.

He may not be painting much these days, but according to one Midlands magazine, McKissick been hired by advertising agencies representing companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Universal Pictures, among others.

McKissick's work is now visible in all of the Rush's locations. But he does have one desire above all else.

"Just want to get back to work," McKissick said.

But it isn't Randall's artwork that has people talking.

"My instant reaction was like 'everyone has to see it,' and by everyone, I mean like 200 people that follow me on Twitter," Supp said.

The Zillow posting, shared on social media, had people all over the country talking.

"It just grew legs and took off. This is my first time seeing the house."

After traveling to South Carolina Supp says this is not what she was expecting.

"It's hard not to want to do anything for him," Supp says.

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