Excitement looming as SCDOT prepares to repair bumpy bridge

Excitement looming as SCDOT prepares to repair bumpy bridge

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Farrow Road bridge over Interstate 77 tells a story.

Band-Aids of asphalt – some dark gray and others faded by the sun – tell the tale of a bridge that's been repaired over and over and over again. It's a patchwork peppered with potholes.

"That bridge looks like someone went on the bridge with a jackhammer and just made a bunch of potholes all over the bridge. It's real bad," said Michael Gibbs, who lives nearby. "That is the worst bridge in the State of South Carolina. It needs to be torn down."

Mary Miller McClellan, who moved back to South Carolina from New York in 2005, travels over it daily.

"It looks almost like the potholes in New York in the wintertime. Lots of potholes. You're up and you're down. You're bouncing around, and it's really not good for the car," she said.

She said it's not good for safety either since some drivers dart back and forth to dodge them.

"The infrastructure really, really needs to be improved from there to where we live," McClellan said.

Now, SCDOT's ready to fix the bridge.

No temporary Band-Aids this time. Instead, starting this week, contractors will rip up a layer of asphalt and put a new one on top. The $2.6 million project will take about two months.

To McClellan, it's worth the wait.

"While I don't, you know, profess to speak for most people, I think that I can safely say for those of us who reside in the northeast community that we are very pleased with this upcoming repair," she said.

This week, SCDOT will be closing one of the three lanes both northbound and southbound each night to begin work on the repairs.

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