Sellers: Rep. Gowdy would be 'best replacement' for ousted FBI director

Sellers: Rep. Gowdy would be 'best replacement' for ousted FBI director

Former South Carolina politico and current CNN contributor Bakari Sellers is a Twitter heavyweight - and he knows how to throw a punch that strikes a cord with his vast audience.

Which is why when he lifted up South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC 5) up as the best choice to replace the newly-dismissed FBI Director James Comey over all others.

Naturally, this upset many: "Man that's crazy! Don't forget those #BenghaziHearings," tweeted Palmetto state political figure Jaime Harrison.

In two additional tweets, Sellers furthers his point.

Speculation has started in who will replace Comey, an Obama administration pick who became the leader of the FBI in 2010.

For his part, Rep. Gowdy currently serves on the House committees on Intelligence, Ethics, Oversight, and Government Reform, and Judiciary. He was a federal prosecutor in South Carolina, including the prosecution of J. Mark Allen. He also served as the 7th Circuit Solicitor before going being elected to the 4th District.

In addition to Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani, both prominent figures throughout President Donald Trump's presidential campaign, other popular names include former NYPD Chief Ray Kelly,  acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, Rep. Mike Rogers, and outspoken conservative Sheriff David Clarke.

Gowdy did release a statement just after Comey's firing on social media.

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