Midlands mechanics rescue kitten stuck for days in hood of van

Midlands mechanics rescue kitten stuck for days in hood of van

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A tiny being has a new chance at life, thanks to a couple of mechanics and a respiratory therapist.

Joy Harley is a respiratory therapist for Life Home Medical in Columbia. On May 3, it became clear a new passenger was along for the ride.

She heard a faint kitten meowing from the hood of her van. After trying to get it out unsuccessfully, she took her van to Precision Tune Auto Works on Broad River Road in Columbia.

Tom Daniel, the shop's general manager, was there when Harley brought the van in.

"Mrs. Harley came in and walked in the door and asked what can I do for her and she said 'well, I have a strange request,'" Daniel said. "She says I have a cat hung under my hood it's been there for three days, can I do anything for her and she says sure I can try it."

After he and his coworker, Topher Shirah, spent about eight minutes piecing apart the vehicle's engine, the little fur ball was freed.

"It was jammed up in there," Shirah said. "The head was caught up in the two brake lines it would've died right there."

Now, the kitten named Lucky has a new home with Harley's co-worker, Kathleen Felder.

"When they said there was a little kitten out there, I didn't know that she would be that small or what she would look like," Felder said. "I just said he needs a good home we'll take him. She likes to climb. She likes playing with the kids she's very cuddly and lovey."

Good timing and a good deed, making for a happy ending and a very lucky kitty.

"I'm just happy we were able to do something - you know, kicks off the week."

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