Gas tax bill advances following panel compromise

Gas tax bill advances following panel compromise

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The plan to fix South Carolina's crumbling roads is back on track, and the gas tax bill has just cleared a major hurdle.

A 6-person conference panel in the State Senate is proposing to keep the House version of gas tax bill when it comes to a $500 sales tax cap for in-state drivers. A $250 cap for out-of-state drivers and NO hike on driver's license fees.

They propose the gas tax be increased by 12-cents-per-gallon through six years, phased in by 2-cents-per-gallon each year. The committee has now adjourned.

In addition, the tax rebates and some credits will be in the bill as the Senate proposed in their version.

Next up, the new version of the bill will have to be voted on by both the full House and Senate. If that passes, the bill goes to the Governor. If he vetoes it, it takes a two-thirds of the House and Senate vote to override the veto and pass the bill, and it would become law on July 1.

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