My Take: Get an infrastructure deal done!

My Take: Get an infrastructure deal done!

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It appears that the gas tax proposal in the state legislature is at a critical mass.  As expected, the House and Senate cannot agree on which version of a projected bill to finally fix South Carolina's deteriorating roads.

Each day that goes by puts more pressure on lawmakers to get a bill passed before the session ends. The majority of the House representatives—107 of them to be exact—opposed the Senate's plan—insisting on the House's version of the bill. The two versions of the roads bill are quite different and have major impacts.

The Senate bill proposes a 12 cents-a-gallon gas tax hike over six years. Increases are tied to inflation and capped at 2% per year.

The House bill proposes a slightly lower 10 cent-a-gallon hike over five years with no ties to inflation.

The Senate plan offers other tax rebates for added gas tax costs, which include income tax credits, and tuition tax credits.

The House plan offers no tax credits.

With mere days remaining in this legislative session, a monumental decision is nearing a very critical juncture.

The House and the Senate are working toward a compromise. The good news is there are two solid versions of the bill proposed that could potentially dramatically and positively change the future infrastructure of South Carolina's main source of public transportation—it's roads and bridges.

We have never been this close to a resolution on the fabric of our lives-roads to our future. Let's hope our lawmakers live up to their pledges and come out of this session with a win for the citizens of the Palmetto State.

That's my take, what's yours?

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