Astute deputy, trail cameras help to crack stolen trailer case

Astute deputy, trail cameras help to crack stolen trailer case

NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster is crediting one of his deputy's astute observational skills and a home owner's trail camera for being the linchpins in an investigation involving a stolen trailer.

According to Foster, the trailer was stolen from a residence in Silverstreet. However, Foster said, that trailer had been stolen before and the homeowner placed a trail camera on the trailer in case of another situation like this one.

The camera captured the suspects who took the trailer as well as the car they made their getaway in, Foster said.

Those pictures were distributed to deputies and one of them, who was off-duty, immediately recognized the car and one of the suspects as someone who he had seen at a public safety checkpoint.

Hours later, deputies identified the woman, located her, and she confessed to the crime, Foster said.

As a result, arrest warrants have been issued for Brandi Leigh Doolittle, 34, charging her with grand larceny.

"In today's world of technology, these cameras have become affordable to most people, they are easily hidden and deliver high-quality pictures through motion activation," Foster said. "I know of several cases that have been solved dramatically faster because of such cameras, and the reality is in today's world you never know when you are being recorded."

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