Motorist feelings mixed as deadline looms for SC lawmakers to pa - - Columbia, South Carolina

Motorist feelings mixed as deadline looms for SC lawmakers to pass roads bill

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With South Carolina’s bill for roads funding facing some gridlock in the State House on Wednesday, feelings were varied among drivers as to whether state lawmakers will succeed in passing the legislation.

The bill has now been sent to a conference committee after the state house of representatives rejected the state Senate’s version of the bill by a vote of 107-7.

"It's just another step in the legislative process,” said Jordan Marsh of the lobbying group ‘South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads.’

"The lawmakers that were chosen to serve on this conference committee have been deeply involved in this issue and we feel like there's a great chance a bipartisan compromise can be had in the committee," Marsh added.

Six lawmakers from both legislative chambers will be on the conference committee which is scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. Thursday morning. Each chamber of the legislature passed its own version of the bill. Each version includes differences on how much the gas tax should be raised.

"As a consumer, I would pay a little more for gas knowing that the roads are better," said Charles Cooper of Augusta, Georgia who says he drives into the Columbia area multiple times each month.

"You won't really notice [the gas tax increase] in the long run,” Cooper added, “if you're paying 10 to 15 cents more in gas. I mean that's maybe two dollars more a fill-up but with the wear and tear on your car I think it's worth it to pay a little more."

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