911 tapes released after deadly boat crash

911 tapes released after deadly boat crash

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - Two weeks after two men were killed in a late night boat crash on Lake Murray, Lexington County's releasing 911 calls from the moments after the collision.

One caller tells a dispatcher they heard a collision and cries for help from across the cove. But close to midnight on the water, they say it was tough to see anything.

Others who were close by camping on Dreher Island say they saw the boats collide.

"A boat hit another boat, and we're trying to hold the people up in the water, so if we could get DNR out here," one caller pleads.

One of the calls lasts for more than 45 minutes as dispatchers stay on the line with a boater trying to rescue the men whose boat overturned.

"He does not remember anything. He just remembers hitting a boat. He does not remember how many people were in the boat. He's still yelling 'help!' He's very disoriented about the whole ordeal," says the caller.

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Another call comes from the larger of two boats that collide.

"We're on Lake Murray. A boat turned in front of us. We just hit the boat. A couple of us went in the water, but we're safe. There's another boat that's sinking. I'm not sure if they got everyone out of the water," says the caller.

That crash claimed the lives of Danny Phillips and Shawn Lanier. A third person in their boat survived and was transported to the hospital.

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At least one other person was also taken to the hospital, but was quickly released.

DNR continues to investigate exactly how the crash happened.

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