Minor earthquake reported in the Midlands

Minor earthquake reported in the Midlands

CHAPIN, SC (WIS) - A minor earthquake was recorded in the Midlands late Tuesday night.

According to the United States Geological Survey, The 1.6 magnitude quake was reported about 17km, or 10 miles, north of Chapin near the Monticello Reservoir in Fairfield County. It occurred at 2:06 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), which is four hours ahead of Eastern Time. The recorded depth was 5.2 km, or about 3 miles.

Fairfield County Sheriff Will Montgomery said he called officials at the VC Summer nuclear plant and has yet to hear back.

A 1.6-magnitude earthquake is not significant. The USGS defines a significant earthquake by the following:

Events in this list and shown in red on our real-time earthquake map and list are considered "significant events', and they are determined by a combination of magnitude, a number of Did You Feel It responses, and PAGER alert level. Here is the equation:

  • mag_significance = magnitude * 100 * (magnitude / 6.5);
  • pager_significance = (red) ? 2000 : (orange) ? 1000 : (yellow) ? 500 : 0;
  • dyfi_significance = min(num_responses, 1000) * max_cdi / 10;
  • significance = max(mag_significance, pager_significance) + dyfi_significance;
  • Any event with a significance > 600 is considered a significant event and appears on the list.

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