VIDEO: Parents confront school leaders on students tested with b - - Columbia, South Carolina

VIDEO: Parents confront school leaders on students tested with breathalyzer during prom

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Saluda County parents are upset after they say they were uninformed about students at one high school being tested for alcohol using a breathalyzer before they entered or exited their prom.

According to a statement from the district, students at Saluda High School were told several days in advance that administrators would be administering the test in order to "ensure our students' safety during this celebratory occasion."

The district said they were administering the test to help push home the message that drinking before, during, and after the prom was not acceptable.

"The administration's decision to administer breathalyzer tests to all was not punitive and was designed solely to ensure the safety of our students as they travelled to and from the prom," the statement said.

However, one parent recorded a confrontation with themselves and school leaders at the prom.

In the brief video, the parents can be seen speaking to the school's resource officer and a school administrator. The parents repeatedly say that their children's Fourth Amendment rights are being violated. 

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guards against unreasonable search and seizure. 

The video continues as the parents ask the two people if the parents were informed of the test. We spoke with several parents who said they were uninformed of the matter. 

The statement went on say the district regretted that "some parents" were upset by the tests, but that they stood behind their decision.

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