Palmetto tree confusion leads to dual bills on SC state flag's design

Palmetto tree confusion leads to dual bills on SC state flag's design

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A kerfuffle over the palmetto tree design on the state flag flying above the State House has pressed lawmakers to file two bills in order to create a standard for state government.

H. 4201 and S. 0559, both filed on April 26 and March 16, respectively, would both have the director of the Department of Administration to ask for several designs for the state's tree that would be printed on the official state flag.

Those designs would be put up for public input before one design is formally introduced to the General Assembly. From there, the General Assembly would vote on the design to approve it for the official state flag.

"Upon approval by the General Assembly by concurrent resolution, this design is declared to be the approved design of the palmetto tree for official purposes and is considered to be the approved official design of the palmetto tree for inclusion on the State Flag flown over the State House and used for other public purposes," both bills say.

Scott Malyerck first noticed the discrepancy between the flags above the State House.

"This is our state flag. This is historic. The symbols on our flag mean something, and they shouldn't be arbitrary," Malyerck said. "They should be standardized and we should look up at our flag and see the same flag flying all the time."

The symbols on the flag date back to the Revolutionary War, but it's likely everyone has their own preferred version of how the crescent moon and palmetto look.

Both bills have been introduced and await discussion in their respective committees.

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