After shooting near Walmart, Midlands woman is certain an officer saved her dad's life

After shooting near Walmart, Midlands woman is certain an officer saved her dad's life

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The family has identified the bystander wounded on Wednesday by a man who was wounded by two Columbia Police Department officers in an incident at a Bush River Road Walmart.

His name is Willie Hudson, a 76-year-old Columbia native who was pumping gas at a Murphy Express gas pump when the man in this case opened fire on him.

"I want everybody else to just take a minute and stop and think about what this city would be life if we didn't have police officers," Allison Lansing, Hudson's daughter said.

Wednesday afternoon, her 76-year-old father, Willie Hudson, stopped at a gas station on Bush River Road to fill up.

"What happened to my dad was shocking," Lansing said.

An eyewitness captured an image of a man running across the nearby Walmart parking lot, holding a pistol, and seemingly in distress around noon on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, across the parking lot, Lansing said her father was about to start pumping gas when that man, out of nowhere, ran between him and jumped in his truck in an attempt to steal it, but the keys weren't in the car.

"So, he got out of the truck and, point blank, just stuck the gun onto my dad. I don't think he was really paying attention where he was pointing it," Lansing said. "He just pushed it into him, went into his arm, and pulled the trigger."

Moments later, police shot back. With the armed man down, Lansing's bleeding father shouted for help.

"My dad has an artificial heart valve, so he's on blood thinner therapy. He has been for almost 20 years, and he bleeds worse than the normal person when they get injured," his daughter said.

Which is why she's 100 percent certain a Columbia Police officer saved her dad's life when he ran over and stopped the bleeding with a tourniquet.

"Not only did the officer put the tourniquet on my dad, but he stayed with my dad all the way to the hospital. He was in the holding room when we finally got to see my dad. He was in there with him," she said.

She only met him briefly. She doesn't even know his name. But forever she'll be grateful.

"I don't know what I would be able to say through tears, but just thank you!" Lansing said. "There's just – there are no words that express – my daddy is still here."

Hudson's family says he is doing well after surgery and is recovering nicely.

Hudson is a deacon at a church in Winnsboro. He has five grandsons, and he loves fishing and camping with them. In fact, after his surgery last night, she says her dad turned to the doctor and told him he'd be going fishing today.

Thursday evening, CPD identified the heroic officer as 43-year-old B. Martin who was hired back in 2015. Police said another officer helped apply the tourniquet.

Additionally, WIS is told Martin also helped save the life of a fellow Columbia officer when she was stabbed at the Bush River Road Walmart back in December.

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