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PHOTOS: Midwest couple takes puppy-love spin to gender reveal photoshoot

(Source: Infinite Smiles Photography) (Source: Infinite Smiles Photography)
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You've seen them all over your timeline - those sugary-sweet gender-reveal photoshoots where a couple presents their latest family member. 

But photographer Cristy Sartwell, the principle photographer of Infinite Smiles Photography, and one couple had a unique twist on a new trend. And the couple is very close to her. 

Kennedy, Sartwell's daughter, has wanted a puppy for a very long time. She found one from a neighbor and wanted to do something special with the puppy, named Raven, and her boyfriend of five years, Jake. 

Sartwell said that Kennedy looked at other gender-reveals for inspiration - and made her first "what are we having" photoshoot surrounding a fur baby. 

Thus, the world met little Raven - a four-legged, furry, and precocious Labrador-German shepherd mix that is the center of Jake and Kennedy's lives, aside from their college work. 

Sartwell said she enjoyed capturing the essence of her first fur baby and Raven really led the direction of the shoot. 

Raven is clearly a star - which is why she now has her own Instagram account. 

Sartwell said the feedback from the now-viral Facebook page has been overwhelmingly positive since she posted it on April 25. 

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