Protection from storms with a Hurricane Screen

(National-NBC) June 27, 2005 - If you own property on the South Carolina coast, you probably dread hurricane season. Now there's a new product that could help put your mind at ease, a new screen to protect your windows.

Bill Guthrie at Fort Hurricane Products, Inc. says, "This product works as a hurricane screen protection. It also works as a solar screen, which has an energy star. It also works for security, it keeps burglars out 24/7 and a bug screen you never have to replace."

Bill Guthrie has invented a hurricane screen that serves multiple purposes, the primary one being storm protection, "It's a stainless steel woven mesh screening which is a 300 series stainless that's not corrosive, and it is designed to stop anything from breaking your window, any flying debris, large missiles."

Mounted to a heavy duty aluminum frame, it attaches directly to your home just outside your window, and never has to be removed. The screens can also be opened from the inside for emergency exits.

"This is our one touch easy unlock," explains Guthrie. "Open and close it, just hit that little button there and open it up as far as you want to get out." Guthrie says the screen has passed impact tests that meet both Miami/Dade and American Society for Testing and Materials Standards.

But his company has also done it's own tests, such as trying to cut through it with a knife, putting it under the wheel of a pickup truck, hitting it with a hammer, and jumping on it like a trampoline. They've also done an energy test by comparing their screen with a tint film on a window.

Guthrie says residents are taking notice of his new product, "We probably have about 15 orders in right now that we got in the last couple weeks, so we're now starting to go."

So how much do these hurricane screens cost? Anywhere from $20 to $45 a square foot.

Posted 12:15pm by Bryce Mursch