Midlands neighborhood fed up with lack of trash pick up; Lexington Co. issues statement

Midlands neighborhood fed up with lack of trash pick up; Lexington Co. issues statement

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Lexington County homeowners said they are tired of not having their trash picked up.

In the Murraywood area, there were several roll carts on the curb including some that were jammed full of garbage and recyclables. However, residents say they have not been visited by Advance Disposal employees for anywhere from 12 days to nearly three weeks.

Several customers have even said they have tried to contact the company to find out why and the response has been underwhelming.

"I've emailed them several times and haven't gotten any email correspondence back," said Brandon Spivey. "I talked to someone and they said they were sorry and that they'll send out a flier with updated procedures and dates and things like that and they still haven't done it yet."

Another customer emailed WIS and said she's had to call about once a month to ask that the trash is picked up. Despite her many calls, she's been waiting 17 days for pickup as have many of her neighbors.

An Advanced Disposal corporate official in Florida told us he is researching the situation and will get back to us. That response came after we were placed on hold attempting to reach a customer service representative.

During the hold time, a recorded message repeated urged Lexington County customers to get the latest information on pickups by downloading an app from the App Store.

The County of Lexington also issued a statement late Monday evening, saying:

The County of Lexington is aware of continued service issues for customers who voluntarily contract with Advanced Disposal Services throughout the unincorporated areas of the County, primarily in the Irmo and St. Andrews areas.

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