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SC teen: 'Your life is precious' in impassioned '13 Reasons Why' blog post

(Source: Netflix) (Source: Netflix)
“Faith is my middle name and my story," she writes on her blog. (Source: Lauren Faith) “Faith is my middle name and my story," she writes on her blog. (Source: Lauren Faith)

A Lexington teen's faith-based blog post has touched a lot of hearts based on its "13 Reasons Why" someone can battle the thoughts of suicide. 

In the popular Netflix original series "13 Reasons Why" Hannah Baker commits suicide after a series of rumors and events makes her a social outcast. Before she dies, she records 13 tapes with explanations for her grisly decision. 

In Lauren McRobert's blog post on "Lauren Faith," she lists a series of faith-based reasons someone in the darkest places can see the light before they end their life. The 16-year-old homeschooled student said via email that her own fight against clinical depression and anxiety, along with "the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart to write about it."

A portion of her post from Wednesday says: 

She decided she couldn’t take it anymore; the rumors. The bullying. The loneliness. The betrayal. The whispers.

When watching this, my heart was broken over the reality and rawness of the story that unfolded. Although this series focused on suicide, it also spoke to many other issues; drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse and violence, domestic abuse, rape, and bullying.

These issues are SO. REAL. As a high school student in the public-school system, I am sure of one thing, this story isn’t just cinematic; this story happens EVERY SINGLE DAY.

 It is happening.

It might be happening in your own life right now, or in your friends, maybe even your own child.

McRoberts then lists 13 reasons why you shouldn't and accompanies a few with various Bible verses. She says she's received a lot of positive responses and she just wanted to share her love of Jesus Christ through her own struggles. 

"I've received messages from as far away as Scotland. One girl, specifically, emailed me and said I had given her a new hope for life. What baffles me, is that it's ALL JESUS," McRoberts wrote. "He's speaking through me. I've been given a gift BY HIM, so I've been called to speak only THROUGH HIM." 

McRoberts said her blog has been viewed more than 101,000 times as of Saturday afternoon. 

The show "13 Reasons Why" is based on series of novels by Jay Asher. 

You can read the full blog post here.

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