My Take: Viewers displeased with lack of roads bill action

My Take: Viewers displeased with lack of roads bill action

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Last week's My Take on the potential of yet another legislative session ending without a resolution on repairing our state's deplorable roads, has generated more viewer responses than any other commentary to date.  The viewers' obvious displeasure with our leaders to pass a gas tax increase is apparent.  We thought we would share your comments.

George Selkinghaus of Columbia writes:

"I am a retired SCDOT engineer and I have seen the demise of our roads in my lifetime.  Our legislature will not do anything towards raising the gas tax, because they are afraid they will not get RE-ELECTED ... We travel the country in our retirement and I can clearly see we have the worst roads in the country.  Thank you for your public comments on the subject."

Donald Smith of Saluda says:

"A few cents fuel tax or Billion dollar loan—my family and I give you a standing ovation.  The public and our legislators need to wake up!"

Elaine Brantley of Columbia writes:

"Your commentary tonight was excellent.  I called Governor McMaster's office a few days ago to express my concern.  I believe we need to pass the gas bill so that the people that use the roads pay for improving them whether they live in state or out.  If you are using the roads you pay the tax levied.  To me that makes sense!"

And this from Bob Smart:

"I am a Republican and believe in smaller government and less spending but I support your opinion and agree with you that an increase in the state gas tax is warranted.  I intend to vote against any sitting member of the General Assembly and the Governor if they do not address and put an immediate plan in action to address our sorry roads and bridge infrastructure here in SC."

And Greg and Jaynie Boney have this to say:

"Everyone that uses our roads should be taxed, not just residents!  Tourists are big business and they use the roads!  Will people that don't own property in South Carolina also be paying bond money he would borrow?  Renters?  We are tired of carrying everything as property owners with no help from the legislature."

And finally, this from Nancy Canniff,

"Right on the mark!"

That's my take, what's yours?

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