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Federal, local agents raid waterfront home on Lake Wylie

(Steve Crump | WBTV) (Steve Crump | WBTV)
(Steve Crump | WBTV) (Steve Crump | WBTV)
(Steve Crump | WBTV) (Steve Crump | WBTV)

A Lake Wylie home was raided by local and federal agents Thursday.

Officials said around noon that the FBI was investigating a home in York County in the 4600 block of Island Forks Road. It is unclear who they were targeting and what they were after.

For several hours on Thursday, agents were in and out the house filling vehicles with evidence connected to this case. York County deputies could also be seen at the home as federal investigators continued to move evidence.

Neighbors told WBTV that the house recently sold in the last few months. Neighbors also said that it's upsetting to see level of law enforcement on a street regarded as quiet, and blame it on a changing demographics.

Dale Gould is a neighborhood handyman who has worked in the community for years.“Nobody wants something like this to happen close by. In another way, you figure the population has been growing immensely the last 25-30 years,” Gould said.

One person who lives nearby interacted with the man who lives inside the home, and offered the family gifts when they moved in.

Mike Kelly lives across the street. "We took them a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread when they moved in,” Kelly said. “He borrowed a few lawn tools. Typical wave when he goes by, and it's all been good."

Cases of this nature can be very methodical. First comes the raid, and that is often followed by the unsealing of documents that typically reveals what investigators are after and who the suspects are.

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