McMaster looks to boost state's cybersecurity through executive - - Columbia, South Carolina

McMaster looks to boost state's cybersecurity through executive order

(Source: WIS) (Source: WIS)

Gov. Henry McMaster has signed an executive order establishing a group to examine, enforce, and strengthen the state's cybersecurity efforts.

McMaster's order creates the South Carolina Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Executive Oversight Group, a group hoping to help the state "prevent cyber threats, incidents, or attacks affecting the State’s critical infrastructure and key resources."

“Protecting its citizens is the most critical job a government is tasked with – from enemies we can see and those we can’t,” McMaster said in a statement. “Cyber attacks are among the most common and potentially crippling offenses that face our state and country. With partnerships like this one, we are committing to being as proactive as possible in protecting our people and doing everything in our power to make sure we are as safe and secure as possible.”

South Carolina is no stranger to cybersecurity threats. In 2012, the state Department of Revenue was hacked, exposing the personal information of millions of the state's residents. 

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