Investigators still in search of suspect making fake 911 calls

Investigators still in search of suspect making fake 911 calls

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - After receiving 65 calls so far dating back to three weeks ago, investigators in Lexington County say the 911 calls seem to be coming from somewhere near St. Andrews Road near I-26.

None of those incidents were real.

"We're still responding because we don't want to get in a situation where one time something comes in from this individual or from that phone that is a legitimate call," said Captain Adam Myrick of the Lexington County Sheriff's Department. "So, we are still responding. We don't have any plans to not respond."

The sheriff's department said the phone was, at one time, connected to a national wireless service provider. But like any phone, it still works for the sole purpose of making an emergency call. Capt. Myrick said information that shows up when the call comes in has helped identify the phone but not the caller.

"The Caller ID display in the 911 communications center shows that call is coming in from a number that begins with 911," Capt. Myrick said. "So that's how we know it's a 911-capable phone. That's essentially all. And that the other numbers are identifying in nature. So, we're able to see that and know that it's coming from that phone."

Investigators haven't been able to figure out exactly where the woman is where she calls 911.

"What we have in terms of addresses are the addresses being shared by the caller," said Capt. Myrick. "So we've got that. Now, does that mean that's where the caller is? Sometimes perhaps, sometimes not. What we can share though is that this is coming from that St. Andrews corridor so we know right up in St. Andrews right at I-26, that's where we're getting these calls and that's where they are concentrated."

If caught and convicted, the caller could face up to six months in prison on each count.

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