Tired of Giraffe Cam? A Midlands woman provides an action-packed alternative!

Tired of Giraffe Cam? A Midlands woman provides an action-packed alternative!

LAKE MURRAY, SC (WIS) - With thousands of animal lovers fixated on a newborn giraffe and the mother who took FOREVER to give birth, S.K. Ford, of Gilbert, has been spending her time watching something else.

"That was a long time to watch that giraffe. I was beginning to wonder if she was even pregnant at all," Ford said. "It's much more action. A lot more happens on a daily basis or on an hourly basis."

Two ospreys have made a home in her Lake Murray backyard. Their nest sits atop a slender pine.

"It actually kind of becomes an addiction. You know you fall asleep listening to them at night. You wake up in the morning, get your coffee, go straight to your computer, and start watching them again," Ford said.

Ford's sharing her addiction with others with a live feed of her own.

"It's all new to me. I've never operated a cam before. I've never had a live cam site before," she said. "I am not doing this for money or to be a YouTube sensation at all!"

But her feathered backyard neighbors are a sensation – Lucy and Ricky. They arrived in February, and they've been fixing up their lakeside lodge ever since.

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The lake life isn't easy. There was a snowy Sunday back in March. Days later, Ricky fought off a pesky crow. Before that, Lucy had a skirmish herself with an intruding Osprey. She flipped him "beak-over-talons" right out of her nest.

Bluejays, woodpeckers, and wood ducks have also paid the nest a visit. Each new chapter, perilous or not, has been captured live on camera for the world to see.

"It's not an easy job being an Osprey raising a family," Ford said.

One of the latest developments: three garnet-colored eggs.

"She won't let Ricky sit on the eggs sometimes unless he brings her a fish," Ford said about Lucy.

Ford got nervous for those eggs on a stormy, dismal day a couple of weeks ago.

"I didn't get too nervous until I heard about that hail," she said.

But Lucy was captured on video showing what mothers are made of. Spread out over her eggs, Lucy didn't flinch as hail hit her all over.

"It was very nerve-racking, but she made it through. No problems. Soon as the storm was over, Ricky came in, and then an hour later, there was a little power surge," Ford said.

The feathered family and three eggs survived but the camera did not. Ford hopes to have it back up soon – before the eggs hatch – to continue the show for her eyes and many others.

"The U.K., Scotland, Canada, Australia, Michigan, Colorado, California - everybody is enjoying watching them," Ford said. After several days down, the camera is working again.

The feathered Lake Murray residents are currently coming to you live with an Osprey camera hovering over a cozy nest as expected Osprey mom Lucy and her mate Ricky await their new additions. Lucy laid her first egg on March 26 and two more eggs were spotted on March 30!

The camera is accompanied by a dedicated Facebook page and website that offers updates on their happenings.

The eggs should begin to hatch in very late April or early May.

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